Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Cute as a Basket Full of Kittens

I've been working on something for my MIL for the last couple days.  She LOVES cats, like...I think if she lived on her own, she'd be a crazy cat lady.  Nowhere near as bad as MY mother, but she's up there lol  Anyway, my husband and I were at WalMart and we know that with the threat of government default, we might not be getting paid.  We saw a 5 dollar kit that screamed MIL to us, and it's a basket with two kittens in it.  It's really cute.

I stopped stitching my Pokemon for a couple weeks so I could have the kitten kit done by the time MIL gets here.  She's visiting for baby's first Halloween, did I mention that?  I can't remember...probably not.  Anyway, she's visiting for Halloween and I figured since we're probably not getting paid, it would save us the postage.  I know, it sounds cheap, but they understand because my FIL is not getting his retirement because he's ex-military.

I made these things called pasties two days ago.  Yeah, it sounds bad, but they're pronounced "PASS-tee."  If you're from Michigan (or England!), I'm sure you've at least heard of them.  I remember getting them from a gas station with my dad when I was little.  I found the recipe and decided to make them.  Holy cow, what a lot of work they are!  I made 12 so I could use them to fill the gaps in my freezer because we've got a planned 12-hour power outage tomorrow.  Yay for that...

While I was making those pasties, I cut my thumb and needed stitches.  Yeah, I'm awesome!  The next day, my stitches already fell out because when I went to let my dogs out, my GSD head butted me so hard in the hand that she popped the wound open.  Hurt like you wouldn't believe.  So I stuck a butterfly bandage (the ones used to hold skin together) on it, then some neosporin and another bandage overtop.  Now...now it looks like it's actually healing, but it still hurts like hell.

Alright, last thing that's going on with me!  I just recently joined in a pen pal project being run by sprite-stitch.  It would be cool if they did a badge or something for it :)  I am lacking in the badge department lol.  I am going to run to the PX or clothing and sales to get some postcards to mail out later today.  I am going to probably actually write letters and just send the postcards in the envelope with them.  My pen-pal that I know I have is from Australia and I'm supposed to be receiving something from a "mystery" person as well :)  So hopefully this will help me kill time and it's a great way to meet people around the world.  I've never sent anything internationally, so I'll actually have to go to the post office whenever I mail stuff out.  That's the only inconvenience because our post office suuuuuuuuuucks lol.

Well, off to play with my little ones.  My littlest is trying to learn to crawl :)  Have a good one!

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