Saturday, October 19, 2013

Thanks, Mean Joe!

...Green, that is.  I'm feeling rather sick today.

I finally made it to a different color besides BROWN in the kit I'm stitching up right now.  I am on this bright lime green.

Today is more of a pointless post.  I bought my post cards for my Spritestitch pen pal.  I got the Fort Irwin tanks one.  It looks really cool (I think anyway).  I've never sent anything overseas before.  My husband was overseas for a year and I never sent him anything lol.  We always Skyped or Facebooked, so there was no need to send anything.  Care packages kept getting stolen by his COC, so he just told me not to bother.

Tonight I'm going to write and on Monday I'm going to send everything out.  I don't know if I can just bring it to the post office and they'll put the postage on for me or if I actually have to buy the postage ahead of time.  We'll find out I'm sure.

Time to heat up one of my pasties and eat dinner.  I'm hoping it is okay on my stomach.  The spices are mild enough.  Happy stitching, I'm off to watch Lilo and Stitch with my toddler.

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