Tuesday, October 8, 2013

It's the Curtains for Her!

My infant has this odd fascination with my curtains in the living room!  She can't crawl yet, but she goes out of her way to roll from wherever she's at in the room to the curtains just so she can kick them.  They must feel cool on her feet.


So I'm making this TARDIS thing with drawers and it is taking a LONG time.  I am so impatient.  The reason all my projects take forever is because I tend to do 5 or more at a time.  They all get finished, it just takes forever.  My TARDIS is taking forever, though, because I'll sit down and start sewing and I'll get like 2 stitches in and have to get up and do something else.  Usually it's that I have to get up and remove my infant from the curtains lol.

I won't post many picture updates on the TARDIS.  I'll probably post every time I finish one page of the project.  I got it from THIS video.  It's a cute sewing kit.  I was going to display it in my living room  on my coffee table.

Off to work on my TARDIS.  Happy stitching, everyone.


Here's proof of my little curtain lover.

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