Tuesday, October 29, 2013


I rarely use any sort of social media or blog or anything to vent or put my business out there.  For some reason though, tonight I'm feeling like I'm nothing more than a damned doormat. I had my house clean and ready to go for when my MIL came to visit. It was just my daughter and myself all day, so the house stayed clean.

My husband comes home and it's like a f***ing hurricane hit. There's garbage on the table, garbage on the floor, garbage on the couch, and pieces of something he was building on the floor. All of that in seriously less than an hour.  It took me a whole day to clean the house and it took him an hour to destroy it.

Then, when I'm getting ready for bed I tried to drop a hint by saying, "Wow, you came in like a hurricane." He said, "Sorry," and went to bed.  Must be freaking nice to just go to bed. I had to clean off the couch (which is where I'm sleeping while MIL is here, mind you) because he put garbage all over it. Then he says, while I'm cleaning, "Are you okay?"

I just wanted to smack him.

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