Thursday, October 3, 2013

In the Name of Mars, I'll Chastise You!

For real!  Anyway, so for Halloween, my daughter is going to be Sailor Mars.  I just figured since her eyes are still grey, it would be a perfect costume for her.  That and my son had a home made costume for his first Halloween as well (he was Pikachu).  His costume was considerably easier.  I hand dyed a long sleeved onesie yellow and then sewed brown stripes on the back of it, then bought a Pikachu ear headband and tail.  He was adorable.  And because he was sick, his cheeks were naturally red (poor kid).

So far, for Sailor Mars, I've ordered her onesie and started her skirt.  I found that I'm too lazy to make her onesie, and I wanted one she could wear more often than just Halloween, so I got her a printed one from Cafepress.  I am making her a tutu out of red tulle for Mars' skirt, and I am making her tiara out of gold ribbon and a red gemstone from a fish tank kit.  It's clean and never used, I promise!  And finally, her sailor collar is going to be made from a thick satin ribbon that I'm going to pin to the onesie.  I am CERTAIN to have pictures.

So that's why I haven't stitched anything lately, I'm making a costume right now :)  Though, I do have Squirtle done:

Sorry the picture's so dark.  My house has terrible lighting and any time I used flash on my phone, it would not focus and then when it would the picture was WAY too bright.

Well, that's my little update, happy stitching, everyone!


  1. Where are the baby Sailor Mars pictures?! That would be the most adorbs thing EVER! I really hope my daughter wouldn't mind be a Senshi one year. Maybe she and I can both dress up!! Yay!
    Side note: I'm going to attempt to make a TARDIS tissue cover box for my bff for Christmas because she is NOTORIOUS for using tissue year round. I'm headed to get the supplies in a few minutes. But I realized I have no idea what I'm doing really because this isn't cross stitching, but more like needlepoint. There shall be much bumbling in my future!!
    Side-side note: I'm not sure why I'm telling you this; maybe I know you'll understand on some level. There's a cute little orange stray kitten that hangs around my house, about 5 months old. I got her nice and socialized to the point that my husband said we could keep her. I go to pick her up and put her in the crate and she FREAKED out and scratched me bad! I know cats don't like being crated, but she went totally nuts on me! She would have nothing to do with me after that. Alas, she may not be my 3rd cat :(

  2. You're right, I don't have any pictures of my mini Mars. Ah well. I will definitely put pictures up this year, I'm sure. I am still working on a TARDIS, but it's a "jewelry box"'s uh...been kind of a UFO for 2 years, though. Needlepoint as well! lol And as for your side-side note, with our last stray we had to lure her into the kennel. We put food in there and a blanket and let her do it all on her own. After a couple days she was good to go with it. You said she's socialized, so she's not entirely feral anymore?

  3. I don't think I'd call her feral at all. I pick her up and hold her, she rubs all over me, and most importantly, will let my crazy 4 year old Elmyra-like daughter pet and pick her up, lol. I think I might try the lure trick. She seemed very repentant yesterday when I got home.