Sunday, September 28, 2014

Hyrule Warriors

Definitely a keeper.  The graphics are great.  The characters are beautiful.'s really a fun game.  I like Dynasty Warriors, too, so I figured I'd like this because it's got Legend of Zelda characters.  I have been playing it all day...except for now.  I stepped away from the TV for a minute and my husband hopped on and started playing Battlefield (sarcastic yaaaaaaaayyyyyy...).

So, I updated yesterday(?) or the day before about having another home inspection which was sprung on me less than 8 hours before it was supposed to happen.  Well, guess what!  They didn't show.  Again.  That would make four times they've said, "Have your house ready, we're doing an inspection."  No one showed to any of my home inspections.  I had to say no to going out with friends yesterday, I had to re-re-REschedule (because of previous inspections) a doctor's appointment, and I didn't get to go grocery shopping all day because I had to wait on these people that never showed up.

The thing that bugs me most is the doctor's appointment.  I now have to wait another month to see the doctor.  For a referral for CONTINUED treatment.  I haven't been able to see my doctor since March because of the constant rescheduling.  It's frustrating, to say the least.

Sorry for the rant, but I'm extremely annoyed.  I don't mind the home inspections, I just mind having my time wasted.

I have a WIP!  I am so close to having finished the outermost circle of the umbrella in this thing.  I feel like it's taking me forever, but I looked up when I started it and I'm only two weeks into my project and it usually takes me a month to three months for each one.  Rambling...sorry...

So close, right?  I have to finish that little white spot at the bottom and then do the back stitching...then I have to do the rest of the pattern lol

On to LoZ 30-day photo if you don't want to read on, then happy stitching, everyone!  But if you DO want to continue on, here's day 8, 9, 10, and 11!

Day 8 - Legend of Zelda items owned in real life
All of the games, and some trinkets

I have bought and played just about every single Legend of Zelda game that has ever come out (haven't played the Tingle game and haven't played the PC game)  I have a charm dangling from my gameboy of that exact pose that is in the picture I shared.  I've been a fan of Legend of Zelda since I was a little kid and I still love them to this day.  By far my favorite video game series.

Day 9 - Easiest Boss Battle
Morpha (Ocarina of Time)

The first time I ever played this game I accidentally figured out that if you hook shot the little glob thing, you can trap it in a corner and then it's a hack and slash until it dies.  Seriously took me no time at all and for as hard as great as the water temple was, the boss was lacking.

Day 10 - Hardest Boss Battle
Moldorm (A Link to the Past)

Okay, I know.  Moldorm wasn't hard...BUT...and hear me out:  Staying on that God forsaken platform was the most annoying thing ever!  I hated it!  I hated falling off of that thing.  I suck at video games and him with his bumper cars head frustrated the crap out of me!  The close second to this boss would have been Head Thwomp from Oracle of Ages.

Day 11 - What do you name your character?

Creative, right?  I'm lame, what can I say?  I do the same thing in every game.  If it asks, I always name the character whatever their name is actually supposed to be.

ALRIGHT!  All caught up!  Time to go play some Hyrule Warriors and then go to bed since it's already after midnight...Happy stitching, everyone!

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