Monday, September 8, 2014

Two days without incident

The most recent break in has caused me to take some serious measures. I have changed my front and back door locks so that housing does NOT have a master key, added chain locks to both doors, AND added bolt locks.  My doors remind me of the doors you see when someone on TV happens across a nutter or the little old lady shut-in (much closer to my personality to be honest). I bought bolt locks for my sliding glass doors, too. We also purchased a fireproof safe. I just ordered a night vision security camera set to keep an eye on the house.

I slept in my daughter's room two nights ago and could hear commotion and voices on my balcony. Nothing came of it other than another police report with an MP who acted like he could care less.

Even with that, though, I've been feeling better now with our improved locking system. I definitely slept better last night.

On to happier things...

My daughter is beginning to say words! Today she said, "Ouch!" and, "Tank ewe." She was mimicking her brother when she said those things. I have also noticed she's constantly burying her nose in books. She is obsessive about them lately and has to have a book with her in her crib when she goes to bed even though she sleeps in complete darkness.

My little Belle in training, it seems lol

I have not been stitching much as I'm addicted to Oracle of Ages.  I remember playing it as a kid and found it on the Nintendo e-shop.  I have still been stitching though...just slowly.  And only when my game boy dies.  And if I'm watching Fringe.  Requirements have to be met, y'know?

Alright, it's way after midnight and I'm about to finally start reading A Game of Thrones (I'm late, I know). So goodnight and happy stitching, everyone.

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