Monday, September 15, 2014

Darn you, Blogger!

So I used my blogger app for the first time yesterday to post a blog update and lo and behold!   It isn't here.  Not even as a draft.  Darn you, Blogger!

No big deal, it wasn't a long one.

Yesterday was so stressful for some reason.  I don't know what was going on in my house, but I just was ready to call it quits.  I ended up putting my kids to bed an hour early and just sat and stitched.  "Stitching therapy" really seems to make me feel better.  Might have to tell my shrink.........

The worst thing that happened yesterday was that my son, when he was supposed to be napping, sneaked out of his room and into the bathroom.  I didn't know he was in there, but I sure found out when I had to use the bathroom.  He was standing in the bathroom with my toothbrush in his mouth, my body wash was dumped all over the bath tub (easy clean up), the mirror had MY foundation painted all over it, and he was covered head to toe in my very expensive makeup.

Notice the pattern of items?  They were all mine.  I think him and Mommy need to go spend more time together.  I'm thinking of taking him to the park and then taking him for snow cones.  I figure he's acting out like that because he wants attention so I need to make some time for the poor kid.

Well, off that, I have a WIP from all the stitching I did yesterday.

Haha, didn't realize my Snapple was in the picture.  Ah well, stitching fuel, you know?  So what we have here is the start of the umbrella in my Geisha.  This is a Joan Elliot kit from Design Works.  Like all my other Design Works kits, the pattern is printed super small.  I have to check, double check, and then triple check to make sure that I'm seeing the right symbol because they're so small.  It's a bit annoying because they use symbols that are similar.  When you have bad eyesight and a tiny print pattern, a black heart and a black triangle look pretty much the same.

Alright, I'm done complaining!  I have to pay my bills and then go grocery shopping, so I'm off.  Happy stitching, everyone!


  1. I've been having a randomly crappy day too. From the moment I woke up. How weird.
    Isn't it crazy how complex kids can be? Before you have any you think you can just give a kid some crayons, plop them in front of the tv, and you're good to go for hours. Who knew we'd have to dig into their motives to see who they're mad at?
    PS--I'm glad the MP's are finally taking your break-ins seriously.
    PPS--That mask generator created an entirely too creepy mask for your daughter. Seriously.

    1. No kidding. Who would have thought that babysitting wasn't the same thing? For me, growing up, I was ALWAYS babysitting and so when I was pregnant I was so sure I would know what I was doing. Boy was I wrong lol Every single day is a learning experience.

      Yes, the MP's are doing something, but it's only because my husband finally got his COC in on it. And as for my daughter's mask, SHE picked it lol she thought it was hilarious. I think it's creepy as all get out lol