Sunday, September 21, 2014

And so begins the days of no naptime

My son has been rebelling.  A lot.  I think it's because he feels like his sister is taking up all my and my husband's attention.  Here's what he's been doing:

  • Morning - Pees in the drawer of his dresser instead of waking me up to let him into the bathroom (I have thrown the dresser out because of this).
  • Afternoon - Constantly leans out of his door saying, "I have to go pee!" when he's supposed to be napping.
  • Late afternoon - While playing in his room, decides to pee on or in his toys.
  • Evening - Nothing, really.
  • Night - Sneaks out of his room and destroys the bathroom.  Or he will just pee in/on his toys instead of coming and getting me.

So there's what he's been doing.  To make it so he gets some one on one time with me or my husband, we've omitted nap time.  Effective today.  I'm hoping because he gets all of the attention while his sister is sleeping that he will stop rebelling so much.  Ugh...why are boys so hard?

The alarm thing didn't work because OH THAT'S RIGHT it fell off the wall and when I didn't see it, it got smashed between the door and door frame.  The noise, OH GOD THE NOISE.  It sounded vaguely like an alarm...but it sounded more like if someone were strangling a cat and then put the screaming cat underwater.  It was loud...and horrible...but mostly loud.

Off that, I have a WIP!

I feel like I'm not moving that fast through this project as I normally would.  I think that has something to do with the color changes.  It's not a lot of color changes, but it's enough to slow me down a bit.

Legend of Zelda 30-day challenge

Day 4 - Your favorite song
Lost Woods (Ocarina of Time)

I love this song.  It is so simple, yet so catchy.  Ocarina of Time came out when I was 10.  I had just bought a stereo system for my room with money I'd saved up from babysitting.  I remember hooking my N64 up to that stereo for the first time and realizing how much better my video game sounded.  One day, I was playing my video game before school.  I was in the Lost Woods, and knowing that the area was a "safe" area (no enemies that would kill me), I turned off my TV so that I could go to school.  The TV was off, but because I had plugged my game into the stereo, the speakers were still playing Saria's Song.  Gave me a bit of pep in my step to get ready for school with Saria's Song playing in the background.

Day 5 - Legend of Zelda love interest
Link (Twilight Princess)

Specifically Twilight Princess Link.  He's so adorable!  There are no actual love interests for me from Legend of Zelda, but he's definitely the best looking out of all of them, so...I guess since I had to pick one, this is it.

Okay, off to start stitching and then check to see whether my son has destroyed the bathroom or not (he's been in there for a few minutes), so happy stitching, everyone.

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