Monday, September 22, 2014

Loot Crate September 2014

Day 6 - Your favorite item
The hookshot (any game)

Hook shot, claw shot, whatever it goes by.  I adore this thing!  My favorite item and I would kill to have one in real life.  My favorite thing to do with it is in Twilight Princess.  If you hook shot to the ceiling and then drop down a little bit, it's funny to just make him spin around in circles.  Stupid, but it's funny.

Alright, alright, so today is Loot Crate day!

This month's theme is Galactic!

So what's the first thing YOU noticed?  For me it was that Tribble!  My husband laughed at my very audible squee of excitement when I opened the box.  That's not even my favorite item in the whole box, but it's definitely a close second!


OMG SERENITY!  Yes, that is definitely the inside of Serenity!  I am in love!  I think the box having the theme printed on the inside of it has made these crates so much more fun.  

Here's the haul:

First up, we have a close up of the Tribble and the Funko character box


Mystery Mini!

Look who was inside!

Captain Mal was my little mystery mini!  It's so funny that this would be what I get because I just started watching Firefly again a few days ago.  Love it.  Look how adorable he is.

Speaking of Firefly, look who just got $10,000!  Yeah, must have robbed a bank for that one.  Pop Rocks.  My husband has already decided they are his, so I don't get any.  Do you see the Alien?  I think I am never going to open that package.  I am going to put it up with my Sailor Moon action figure, my Batman Pez collection, and my resin 3D Army of Darkness movie poster.  Gotta keep it pristine!

I got a Halo download code for I believe a comic book.  I haven't cashed it in yet, so I really don't know.  I got an Asteroids and Star Wars mash-up magnet which is awesome as I have a collection on my fridge, now.  And of course the monthly button.  Now for the last item.

It's my favorite.

Are you ready?

It's awesome...

It is a poster of Han Solo.  In carbonite.  I AM SO HAPPY!  This one's getting framed and put in my room. happy!  I have wanted a poster of him like this for a very long time.  I just have to get the creases out and this puppy's on my wall.

Alright, time to go cook dinner.  What a great friggin' haul!


  1. Ok, I get why people love Firefly. I do. But for a box titled Galactic, why was there zero Battlestar: Galactica loot? Galactic is in it's name! I was surprised to see something from Alien in there, along with a Tribble, but come on. Lol.

    1. My brother said the same thing! They had Battlestar Galactica characters you could get in the little mystery box, I just ended up with a second Firefly item. But this crate was a lot of fun compared to some of the other ones I got :)