Saturday, October 4, 2014

Been Busy

Sorry, I haven't updated in the last couple of days, I've been really busy running the kids to play dates and with pay day having just passed we were plotting and planning Halloween costumes, so not much stitching, though I DO have a WIP!

Sorry the picture's so dark, my iPad was dead, so I ended up using my phone to take the photo.  It doesn't look like much has been done, but it has.  Oh, it has.

I am also embarking on a mystery project *WoooooooOOOOOOooooooooooooooooooooooooooo...*

It is crocheted and it IS done with granny squares.  I've only ever made like 5 granny squares in my entire life, so they tend to look pretty amateur.  Sorry about that.  Everyone has to start somewhere, right?

HA!  I had a picture but it decided not to upload, so sorry you get to miss out on my four granny squares of the same color.  Exciting, right?  We really need a sarcasm font...

Anyway, happy stitching, everyone!

Legend of Zelda Photo Challenge
Day 15 - A scene that makes you cry
The death of Mikau (Majora's Mask)

This didn't make me cry.  In fact, NO scene in the entire series has ever made me cry, so instead I decided to choose the scene that I deemed to be the saddest of them all:  The death of Mikau.  You don't really meet the character much because you meet him already on death's door.  Mikau defended his bay against the pirates and was severely injured.  Link, playing the Song of Healing, lead Mikau into the light so that he might find peace.

Day 16 - A character you can relate to
Tingle (Any game)

No, really.  Hear me out:  Tingle is that young at heart, never wanting to grow up, man-child we all have somewhere deep down whether we admit it or not.  I tend to be immature...a lot.  I would think that most everyone sometimes thinks, "I would love to be a kid again."  Tingle, at 35(?), is very much still a child.  Keep living the dream, Tingle.  Shine on, you crazy fairy man!

Day 17 - Something from the game you want to exist in real life

As a child, I always loved the idea that little sprites could be around and we don't know it.  I would have loved for fairies to exist and I would love to have had an actual vocal conscience that was hard to ignore (much like Jiminy Cricket).

Alright, that was it.  If you made it through, again, happy stitching.

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