Thursday, October 23, 2014

Coloring "therapy"

I read something a few days ago about how coloring actually calms people down and is good for stress relief.  Something about how you are focusing on coloring and therefore whatever's troubling you can't be forethought because the coloring is taking over your mind.  I brought this up to my therapist the last time I went and he said that it is indeed a good way to relieve stress.

Later that day, I talked to my husband about it and he told me that his mother used to force him to color when he was having an anger outburst as a kid.  He said that it worked wonders for him.  When I told him I would like to try it, he bought me this:

Not only is it a coloring book, but it's a Mandala coloring book.  Mandalas, from what I remember from my sister, are used for meditation and you're supposed to color them to calm your mood.  So it fits right in with what I want to accomplish.

I received the book in the mail this afternoon and as soon as I realized what it was, I busted out the markers, opened the book to a random page, and colored the Mandala on that page.  It really was pretty relaxing, and while I was coloring it, I couldn't help but think about doing another one.

Not sure if it's my inner child wanting to color, or if it is really helping.  Who knows?

I should have a WIP later hopefully.  I'm off to go color some more, so happy stitching everyone.

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  1. I love when I get to paint while making something, or just painting my husband's Warhammer or Warmachine figures, and I guess it's for the same reason as to why adults like to color. I know that it takes me to a different mindset; just like you can't say "bubbles" angry, it's hard to worry or think negatively while painting. Sometimes I just feel like I HAVE to paint, you know? Maybe that's the stressed out subconscious trying to tell me something. Hmm. Interesting.