Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Dumb Ways to Die

My daughter is ruining my life with the song Dumb Ways to Die.  I've heard it probably forty times in the last few days.  I should have never shown her the app because the video is right there on the menu.  She plays it over and over again, so it's almost always stuck in my head.

I have another row done on my son's blanket!

I think I need to sew in the tails because they really bug me.  I didn't mind them being loose in the beginning, but as the blanket has started to get further along, I hate them.  My daughter is sleeping in the room with all my craft supplies right now otherwise I'd be looking for my darning needle.

It's coming along, though!  You can see his adorable little Hylian 8-bit face!

I'm off to go drink some coffee and then clean my house.  Maybe do some stitching...or crocheting.  I don't know.  Happy stitching, everyone!

1 comment:

  1. I tune out so much stuff with my daughter, lol. I see people flip out over kids repeating themselves or watching/listening to the same thing, but kids are kids and that's just something they do, and it doesn't hurt anything. So I quit listening until I hear something important, lol.
    Watching you make this blanket it making me want to learn! What an awesome idea to make an 8 bit character for your son!