Thursday, October 30, 2014

D.E.A.R. *ETA*

I'm not sure if DEAR was something that was implemented around the country, I just know it was in all my schools when I was growing up in Montana.  DEAR stands for Drop Everything And Read.  Not to be confused with DARE which was the Drug Abuse Resistance Education classes that I'm pretty sure every school did.

Anyway, my kids and I practice DEAR every day because I want them to get as much reading in as possible.  My kids, especially my daughter, get really excited about reading.  I have started doing a three hour quiet time DEAR session every day.  From noon to three there is no TV, no video games, no iPad, and no phone calls.  We all sit around and read.  They can't read to themselves yet, so if they bring me a book I'll read it to them and they know that even when it's not DEAR time, they are welcome to bring me a book and I will drop whatever I'm doing and read to them.

I love reading and I hope that they do too.

Switching subjects.  I uh...I'm a jerk.  I accidentally stepped on my dog's foot this morning and broke his little toenail off.  He yelped and I feel so bad for doing that.  He seems to forgive me though.  He hates the stuff I had to put on his little toe to stop the bleeding.  That probably hurt worse than the actual break, to be honest.  Thank God I have a dog first aid kit.

I have a blanket WIP today.  I'm starting to really cruise through this blanket.

I already have another row that's crocheted I just haven't attached it yet, so I'm actually one more row further than this picture.  I have patterned a blanket for my daughter and one for myself.  My husband says he doesn't want one, but if he ever decides he'd like one, I'll make it for him.  I was really surprised that I truly enjoy crocheting.  I had my doubts because I didn't like it as a kid which is why I only ever learned how to do a single chain.  My poor mom probably hates that I learned from youtube instead of from her., my geisha had to take a back seat for a bit until I can get more threads because I ran out of a couple colors which has never happened to me before.  I will have a WIP soon though because I am working on an area that doesn't need the threads I'm waiting on.  It won't be much, but it's still something.

Happy stitching, everyone!

ETA:  I finished crocheting the next row and instead of making another blog post I'm adding it to this one!

Don't mind the minion.  She wouldn't let me get a picture without her in it so she's modeling my half of a blanket.  Time for bed now, happy stitching, everyone!

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