Sunday, June 8, 2014

All Fear Koke!

Growing up, there was a game I used to play on the NES called Kickle Cubicle.  It was a cute little puzzle solving game that each world had a different theme (garden, desserts, etc) and I remember this game because it's the first video game I ever beat on my own.  I was probably five or six.

The first boss fight in the game is a chicken named Koke.  He is not just any chicken, he is a pirate chicken.  He lives in the clouds in a jack-o-lantern castle and his fight was insanely simple.  This little chicken...this little pirate chicken stuck with me because he is so ADORABLE.

The SpriteStitch monthly challenge was to use only three colors.  So I stitched Koke.

Look at how adorable he is!  And he's a bad guy!  This adorable chicken was stitched on 14-count plastic canvas (I can't cut him out until I buy a new exacto-knife) and he was only three colors:  DMC 310, DMC 444, and DMC 666.

I think he'll be my new dishwasher villain.  I use a villain magnet on my dishwasher to indicate when it's dirty or empty.

Alright, I'm off to bed, tonight was my anniversary and we went to a barbecue, so I'm kind of wiped out.  I'm working on some more of my big project tomorrow and might actually have a WIP soon.  Goodnight, and happy stitching, everyone.

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  1. He is most definitely cute! I can't wait to see you start up your big project!