Friday, June 20, 2014

Loot Crate June 2014

Happy Loot Crate Day!  But first:

Sailor Moon Challenge Day 6 - Dream relationship.
Seiya and Usagi

I adore these two and thought they had awesome chemistry.  When Mamoru left for America and then disappeared, all I could think was, "Huh, the show's not that bad without him."  I kinda wouldn't have minded if he'd never returned because Seiya and Usagi were so cute together.

Aaaaalright, here it is, the JUNE LOOT CRATE!  My birthday's in 10 days, so I debated not opening it...but it's Loot Crate, so I have no will power.  Here's the haul this month:

And we spread it out to reveal...

I got a sweatband, too, which is not pictured because as soon as my son saw it, he took it.  This kid and his sweatbands.

The list of things in this crate:  A Marty McPrime Shirt (why yes, yes that is a Transformers/Back to the Future mash-up), a Transformers Blind Box, a Transformers sticker, a Transformers Hex Bug (another thing my son stole as soon as the crate was open), three Warheads candies, MLG sweatband, an MLG starter kit, and of course my monthly button.

I opened my Blind Box and I got an adorable little Megatron!

Forgive the sideways picture.  I forgot to rotate the images before uploading and I'm mobile right now.

Here's a better picture of the shirt I got:

I love getting this in the mail every month.  I live in the middle of nowhere and this definitely brightens my day every time!

If you'd like your own Loot Crate, click HERE!

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