Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Because I'm a Moonie

So I am a Moonie.  In other words I'm a die hard Sailor Moon fan.  So, that being said, I think I'm going to extend my Sailor Moon 30-day picture challenge to this blog.  I'm on day 4 on my Facebook, so I'm going to update up to that point.  It makes it so I have to come back here every day and update (as I've been pretty lax lately)  Ready?  Okay, here we go!

Day 1 - Favorite Episode
Kindergarten Chaos (English Dub) or Targeted Kindergarten Kids!  Venus' Great Performance (Japanese).  This is my favorite episode because the little girl is being bullied for being a moonie and I can DEFINITELY relate to that.  Sailor Venus gets her new attack that is only used once in the entire series (Crescent Beam Shower).  By the end, Sailor Venus ends up being the little girl's favorite.

Day 2 - Least Favorite Episode
Related By Destiny (English Dub) or The Bond of Destiny!  The Distant Days of Uranus (Japanese).
  This is my least favorite episode because it's so slow moving and overall the story line was boring.  I liked that they delved into the back story of Neptune and Uranus a bit, but I think they could have done a better job with it and made it much more interesting.

Day 3 - Favorite Arc
Sailor Moon S
  This is my favorite arc because it is by far the darkest story line.  Hotaru is being used by her father as a vessel for Mistress 9.  He's being controlled by the darkness, but I think because it was Hotaru's own father, it was that much creepier to me.  I loved how at the end Hotaru was able to be reborn.  It was such a perfect ending for that season.

Day 4 - Least Favorite Arc
Sailor Moon Stars
  Okay, okay, it's not that I don't like this arc.  It's just that in the order of how I like them, it happens to fall last.  I think this is partially because I had waited years to finally be able to see it and then when I did, I was upset that it was over.  I loved Stars, but in the order of likes, it goes S, R, SuperS, Sailor Moon, then Stars.

So there you have it, fellow moonies.  There's up to day 4 and I'll be coming back tomorrow to update with 5 and more than likely a WIP because my first page on my peacock is almost done.  I might have another update today depending on how much I get done.  Happy stitching, everyone, and if you'd like to get in on the 30-day Sailor Moon challenge, here's what it is:

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