Friday, August 15, 2014

August 15th, 2014. Day 2 of no husband in the house...

...I fear the kids are taking over.  The wild three year old is crawling on the back of the couch jabbering in broken English.  The younger female is toddling around pulling things off of shelves.  She screams when she pulls my jar of ORT's, making it fall in a loud clatter.

The house is a mess.  Cheerios are scattered on the floor around the table.  Chicken nuggets from dinner are mushed into the carpet.  I've vacuumed in vain today, it seems.  

The three year old seems to have lost his mind and is screaming.  It sounds as though he is saying, "Fix it, Mommy, fix it."  I believe he's referring to Netflix.  I can't be sure...

Sorry, I'm going a little mental over here lol.  My husband hasn't been home for two days because of work and I am feeling a little overwhelmed!  I have a WIP, though!

I have to go tend to my screaming child.  She got mad at me for setting her down just now because she kept turning the computer off while I was writing this.  Happy stitching, everyone.

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