Wednesday, August 13, 2014

My poor son...

My son is three.  That detail is important to this story.

There is a Sesame Street USO show that comes around every once in a while.  Every other year, I believe.  So the first time it came around, my son would have been too young to really appreciate it.  This year, however, he is old enough to understand and to participate.

My kids woke up from their nap today in a relatively good mood.  I got them dressed and while getting my children dressed, I was telling my son about Sesame Street and how we'd be going to go see Elmo.  He was excited.  Really excited.  He put on his shoes, the entire time saying, "Hurry, Mama, hurry!  We have to go bye-byes so we can see 'Emmo.'"  So I hurried.  After everyone had shoes on, I grabbed my wallet and my keys and we walked out the door.

We walked down the stairs to the yard.  Then we turned the corner to see the garage...and my car was missing.  I thought, okay, maybe it's in the garage.  So I tried to open my garage door and it was jammed.  My son and I walked around the garage to the back entrance.  I opened the door and a car is in my garage...but not my car.

My husband took my car to work today.  The car seats are in my car.  The devastation on my son's face when he realized that we couldn't go anywhere was so hard to see.  This poor kid had his little heart broken.  I guess it's what happens when Mommy assumes.

That's what happened today.

I have a WIP!  Again, I did some back stitching, but it was because I was using up the last little bit of a thread I had from a different section.  Also, I already did the French knots because I love doing them and as soon as I can do them, I do lol  So here is where I'm at tonight!

Man, I might take more pictures with my iPad.  Soooo much better than my phone!  

I got word yesterday that my swap partner DID get my package.  I can't remember if I mentioned that or not, so I'm mentioning it now.  Anyway, I'm going to bed and will probably have another good WIP tomorrow.  Happy stitching, everyone!

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