Friday, August 8, 2014

Birth Record WIP

Well, I finished my second page of my gigantic peacock kit, so here's what I have:

First is the front.

 Then the back.

I have already started on my next project.  I am making my daughter's birth record and this is what I have so far for that:

Don't tell me about the back stitching, I know.  I know you're not supposed to back stitch until the end, but I really, really, REALLY don't want to move the hoop around my work more than I have to when it's not solid stitching.  This one has a lot of aida between stitched things, so I just almost feel like if I move the hoop around it's more damaging to the project.  Probably not, but it's just my process.

Still no word from my swap partner.

Alright, I'm off to deal with my diaper rash baby and then get dinner ready.  My husband is about to go to "The Box" which is slang for the middle of the desert.  So I won't have him home for a couple weeks.  Maybe while he's gone, I'll overhaul our fridge and pantry and get rid of all the bad foods.  I have a 6 pound goal for while he's gone, so hopefully I can lose it.  I know my kids are a-okay with eating fresh fruits and veggies.  

Rambling again...happy stitching, everyone!

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