Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Big A, little a. What begins with A?

I have this rule in my house:  No matter what I'm doing, if one of my kids brings me a book, we have story time.  Doesn't matter what time of day it is.  Doesn't matter if I'm in the middle of something.  If one or both of my kids brings me a book, I will drop everything and read.  The kids take full advantage of this all the time and I love it.

Story time is something my husband never had as a kid.  His mother always said, "Reading is boring," or, "Reading is stupid."  So he grew up thinking the same thing.  He struggled in school and didn't do well even when he got to college.  Now that he has kids of his own, he said he doesn't want them to feel like reading is boring or stupid because of how much he struggled with it in school.  Even though he hates reading to this day, he still takes time out of his day to read to the kids.

I'm thinking of doing something cheesy for my husband for our anniversary.  I read this on Pinterest and thought it was a cute idea and cheesy-romantic is something he loves.  I am going to get a giant mason jar and I'm going to write down on 100 slips of paper something I love about him.  I think it's something he'll appreciate because I'm not exactly the romantic type.  I tend to be more or less indifferent to the whole romance thing, but I think he sometimes wishes I wasn't like that.  So I'll do something nice for him.

I have a picture to share!  My swap partner finally posted the pictures of the stuff she got!  I can share now the Tina I stitched for her.  This is what I made her:

I also wrote her a recipe for Bob's "If Looks Could Kale" burger and I made her a Lumpy Space Princess inspired sugar scrub that smells like lavender and baby oil.  I thought it smelled nice :)

Nothing more to report for the day!  I'm off to go play some Skyward Sword (my daughter keeps handing me the controller), so happy stitching, everyone!


  1. I don't read much by myself (not because I don't like to, but I have so few time, and always want to do so many things...), but I love to read for my kids... my older is 7 years old soon, he reads alone now... time flies !
    I love your Tina stitching, very funny !! :D

    1. I'm look forward to the day my kids can read on their own...but at the same time I don't because that means they're not little anymore lol. And thank you about Tina :)