Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Prize Candle Review!

What is it called when you're faced with the devastation that a series is over?  Not just over in general, but like that sadness you feel when you've been binge watching a show and now you're all caught up or that you hit the series finale, so there's no more to watch?  I'm about to get to that point with the show Fringe as I'm almost through the series.  WHAT AM I GOING TO WATCH NOW!?

Dr. Who?  I suppose.  Netflix did just add a new season that I need to watch before I watch the newest episode that just came out.  But then what?  What do I do after that?  What will I watch?  THIS IS A CRISIS!

Lol I'm in a good mood right now.  My husband and I have a new deal:  We have these faux leather couches and because of where we live, the air is really dry which causes the leather to start cracking.  My husband notices the cracks and starts picking at the leather.  Now my couches are extremely ratty and horrible looking because of all the picking he's done.  They're bad enough that I'm embarrassed to have company.  I would rather a stain on the couch than what he's done.  So the deal is that for every 2 times I catch him picking leather, I get to order a new cross stitch supply.  No matter the cost.  Since we struck this deal, I've got 4 new kits and he's slowed WAY down on picking at the couch.

My husband will tell you that I really don't ask for much.  Ever.  I may say something like, "ERMAHGERD I NEED THIS THING BECAUSE IT'S AWESOME!" (paraphrased) but it's not that I really need or even want it, I'm just saying it because it's something I think is cool or interesting.  I'm just a bit dramatic is all.  That's why my husband was okay with the deal, I think.  He told me, "Now shopping for you is easy.  All I have to do is pick the couch."  Jerk...

Alright, done rambling...on to the review!

My friend sent me a thing for my birthday!

Because the package had sat in my mailbox all day and I live in the desert, it was already half melted which allowed me to smell the candle before I even opened it.  I opened my mailbox and this faint, fragrant, and very lovely scent came wafting out.  I wasn't sure what to expect, honestly, as I didn't even know I was getting a prize candle.

I pulled the package out of the mailbox and immediately realized something.  It feels as if it's been crushed.  I could feel the candle moving around in the package, so I assumed it was either shipped without it's box or it had been man-handled into my mailbox (the more likely of the two options).

I walked back home from my mailbox sniffing the package as I walked, wondering what was inside.  Was it perfume?  No...she wouldn't have sent me a bottle that big.  Was it soap or a sugar scrub?  Maybe, but if I can smell it through the package, it has probably leaked everywhere.  If you read the title, you'll know it was a candle.

I opened the package in my kitchen after offering it to my husband to sniff (gotta share the smells).

I was right in that the candle and the box were separated.  So instead of getting a picture of the candle in the box, I took a picture of the box!

Cute little box...like it's candy!

The picture was centered, I swear, but as I took the picture, the top flap of the box sprung up.  So I left it.  

The texture of the candle was a soft, soy wax.  I am not sure if soy wax is always soft as I've never owned a soy candle before, but it could also be that it sat in my mailbox all day and I live in the desert.  The smell...oh, the smell!  What a wonderful scent!  I've never owned anything fig scented at all and this particular candle is Adriatic Fig scented.  Not sure what that is, but I would wear this as a perfume!

This white candle was a little beat up, but I lit it right away anyway.  I actually didn't get a picture before I lit it because I forgot, but here's what it looked like after burning for a while:

Kinda plain Jane.

The picture doesn't really do the candle any justice.  It looks super messy, but it doesn't look like that in person.  I blame the camera.  Ah well.  I have come to notice that the candle smells nicer when lit.  What I mean by that is the scent is a lot stronger when it is NOT lit.  Almost like burning it diffuses the scent a little bit.

After a couple hours of burning, I checked on the candle to see if I could see my "prize."  Sure enough, it was burned down far enough that I could reach it.  So I got out some needle nose pliers and wiggled the tiny item out of the wax.  I cleaned off the plastic, pried it open, and pulled out the little plastic baggie that was inside.

I opened up the baggie and this is what my prize was:

Just my style!

Absolutely adorable!  In the little pack was a slip of paper with a code on it so that I could get an instant appraisal on the value of my ring.  So I went to the site and it says that the value can be from $10 to $5,000.  Hoping for big bucks, I punched in the code for my appraisal and........it is worth $10.  Whatever, though, I love the ring the same!  It's very cute and fits perfectly.

I would definitely recommend this "Cracker Jacks for adults" product to anyone who wants to have a little fun.  The price of the candle itself is $24.99 plus shipping and with scents like "Vanilla Chai" and "Antique Leather" I will definitely be buying a couple for myself.  If you would like your own prize candle just visit their website HERE!

*****NOTICE*****  I am not an owner, a partner, or getting paid to review this.  I just wanted to review it in case any readers are curious!