Sunday, August 24, 2014

People Disgust Me

I just read a forum topic about a "man" who says he feels justified about cheating on his wife.  His reasoning?  She's pregnant and he doesn't find her attractive.  Why would you get her pregnant in the first place if it's so unattractive?  People infuriate me.

Anyway, off that because I'm getting irritated all over again.

I've been mopey and depressed the last few days and I couldn't figure out what's causing it.  Then, it dawned on dawned on my husband.  I thought I might be pregnant and with the limited resources of where I live, I had to wait a few days for a pregnancy test.  By the time I actually got to take a test, I had already kind of started getting excited.  I think that's why I'm blue.  I think I have baby fever!  Lord, help me.

Y'all aren't interested in that, though.  I have a WIP!  The second little fairy is done :)

About halfway done!  I'm already stitching the next part.  I'm hoping to have this done in the next couple weeks because I really want to get working on that Peacock kit again.  Page 3 here I come!  lol

Happy stitching, everyone!


  1. Ho lovely stitching :) is it for your girl ? I also have a boy (he's 7 years old today :) ) and a baby girl... I used to cross-stitch too, and knit things (when I had a life ^^ lol). A third baby ? really ? :) hehe

    1. Thank you :) Yes, this one is for my daughter who is 1 and a half. I figured since I finished my son's, I should make her one, too.

      I came from a big family and I want a big family of my own. I think it's genetic as my father's father came from a family with 17 siblings lol I don't want one that big...4 kids is the maximum I want lol

  2. 17... 0__0 !!! Wow. Wow.
    Still 2 babies on your "to-do list" so ! ;)

    1. Yeah, my grandfather came from more of a "herd" than a