Thursday, August 7, 2014

I'm So Impatient

I sent my swap partner's gift out a couple days ago.  Yesterday, I checked the tracking and it said that it was delivered.  I hope they actually got it!  I've been stalking SpriteStitch ever since I found out it was delivered and I keep hoping that I'll see a "Got it!" update.  Still no such luck.  Maybe they're busy.  What if it was delivered to the wrong house?  What if it broke?  What if they don't like it?  What if something broke...and the one thing that broke spilled all it's contents onto everything else, ruining the rest of the box??  These are things I need to know lol

Alright, off that.  So I have a WIP of my peacock kit!  After this, my next WIP will be when I finish the page I'm on, but here is where I'm at as of 11 pm last night.

Don't mind my toes in the pictures.  I threw out my back at some point yesterday and so getting a picture without bending a little was challenging.  In hindsight I could have cropped them out, but...I forgot.

I used to throw my back out ALL.  THE.  TIME.  Now, it's once every couple of months.  Thanks, Yoga!  I don't even do it very often (as demonstrated by my lack of muscle definition and my excess of flab definition), but the little I do actually seems to have helped.

I got off track there, sorry.

My Carousel Horses for All Seasons came last night!  I'm excited to stitch them...whenever I do.  My next project between peacock pages is to revisit my daughter's birth record.  I was going to start on that Bambi's First Year, but...that just seems to be my UFO.  Maybe after the next peacock page.

I'm off for now.  The husband is playing video games and his anger is causing me some anxiety, so I'm going to go find something to occupy my time away from him.  Happy stitching, everyone.

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